Kalapuya High School Classroom Building Addition - IFP/IFB


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date4/6/22 3:30pm

Bid Date5/3/22 2:00pm


Bethel School District

1.01 NOTICE TO PROSPECTIVE BIDDERS A. These documents constitute an Invitation to Bid to General Contractors for the construction of
the project described below. B. Mandatory Walk-through: 3:30 PM, 04/06/22. C. Bids due: 2:00 pm, 04/28/22 D. Sealed bids will be received by Pat Bradshaw for the District until the Deadline at the Bethel
School District Administrative Office, 4640 Barger Drive, Eugene, Oregon 97402. E. The Bids will be opened publicly and read out loud immediately after the deadline for
submission of bids. Late Bids will not be considered.

1.02 PROJECT DESCRIPTION A. The project consists of the construction of a new classroom building addition to the existing high
school consisting of (2) classrooms, storage room, and gender-neutral restrooms with a
common washroom of approximately 3,549 SF. Construction to be wood framed and
slab-on-grade foundation. Finish materials to consist of CMU masonry veneer to match the
existing exterior masonry, phenolic panel and painted fiber cement panels. Classrooms,
corridors and storage to be exposed to structure above and restrooms to have hard lid ceiling. A
concrete slab plaza and fire access lane. Work must be coordinated with the owner’s asbestos
abatement contractor.

1.03 PROCUREMENT TIMETABLE A. A MANDATORY pre-bid conference and walk-through has been scheduled for 3:30 pm on
Wednesday April 06, 2022 local time. The location of the conference will be at the front office
of Kalapuya High School, 1200 N. Terry Street, Eugene, OR 97402 Phone: (541)- 607-9853. All
Prime Bidders wishing to submit a bid are required to attend this conference. Statements made
by the District’s representatives at the conference are not binding upon the District unless
confirmed in writing by Addendum. B. Last Request for Substitution Due: 7 days prior to due date of bids. C. Last Request for Information Due: 7 days prior to due date of bids. D. Bid Due Date: Thursday April 28, 2022, before 2:00 PM local time. E. Bid Opening: Same day, 2:01 PM local time. F. Notice to Proceed: Within 7 days after due date. G. The Owner reserves the right to change the schedule or terminate the entire procurement
process at any time.

1.04 BID SECURITY A. Bid Bond Required: 1. Each Bid must be submitted on the prescribed form and accompanied by a Surety Bond,
cashier’s check, or certified check, executed in favor of Bethel School District 52, in the
amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the total bid. B. First Tier Subcontractors List: 1. Either with the Bid or within 2 working hours of the Deadline for Submission of Bids,
bidders shall submit, on the form provided, information first tier subcontractors furnishing
labor or labor and materials, as provided in DRS 279C.370. Bids for which disclosure
forms are required, but not submitted, will be rejected. No bid for a construction contract
will be received or considered unless the Bidder is registered with the Construction
Contractors Board at the time the Bid is made, as required by OAR 137-049-0230. A
license to work with asbestos-containing materials under DRS 468A.720 is not required for
this project. However, the prime contractor is required to sign the documents referred to in

Section 00 66 90 prior to starting work. The prime contractor must coordinate work with
the Districts asbestos contractor. C. Each Bid shall contain a statement indicating whether the Bidder is a “resident bidder”, as
defined in ORS 279A.120. D. Each Bid shall contain a statement that the Contractor agrees to be bound by and will comply
with the provisions of DRS 279C.800 through 279C.870 regarding payment of Prevailing
Wages’. E. Contractor shall certify nondiscrimination in obtaining required subcontractor, in accordance with
DRS 279A.110(4). F. Bethel School District 52 reserves the right to: 1. (1) Reject any or all Bids not in compliance with all public bidding procedures and
requirements, 2. (2) Postpone or cancel the award of contract entirely.

1.05 PROCUREMENT DOCUMENTS A. Prime Bidders may obtain sets by paying the cost of reproduction. B. Sub-bidders and suppliers may obtain bidding documents beginning March 30, 2022 at
Willamette Print & Blueprint Inc., located 3461 NW Yeon Ave, Portland, Oregon. These
documents can be viewed and downloaded through the Willamette Print & Blueprint Inc.
website, https://wpbinc.com/digital-planroom. Sub-bidders and suppliers may obtain bidding
documents can also obtain bidding documents in hard copy only from Central Print and
Reproduction Services, located 47 W 5th Ave, Eugene, Oregon, website,
http://centralreprographics.com. Cost of reproductions are to be paid by the perspective
bidders. It is the responsibility of those obtaining Bidding Documents is to obtain any and all
addenda through the plan centers only.