Miller Road Wellfield Rehabilitation


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date3/23/23 10:00am

Bid Date4/7/23 2:00pm

Company & Contacts

City of Scappoose

Huell Whitehaus  

Miller Road Wellfield Rehabilitation
Bid Submission Deadline: 2:00 pm (PST) on April 7, 2023
At 33568 E Columbia Ave., Scappoose, OR 97056
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids for furnishing a portion of the materials, and all equipment, labor,
and services for the Miller Road Wellfield Rehabilitation Project (Project) for the City of Scappoose (City)
will be accepted at City Hall until 2:00 PM on Friday, April 7, 2023. All bids received on or before this date
and time and in proper form will be publicly opened and read in the City Hall Council Chambers at the
time set forth above as the deadline for receipt of bids, and thereafter bid documents, shall be made
available for public inspection. Bids received after this date and time will not be considered. First-tier
subcontractor disclosure forms are due within two (2) working hours after the bid submission deadline.
The Work to be done under this Contract consists of rehabilitating three municipal water supply wells in
Scappoose, OR. The Work includes:
• Mobilization, site preparation, erosion control and water management associated with
rehabilitation activities.
• Pump removal and inspection.
• Mechanical and chemical rehabilitation at three water supply wells, including video surveys.
• Pump reinstallation and well disinfection.
• Demobilization and site cleanup.
The solicitation schedule and deadlines are generally as follows:
• Optional Pre-Bid On-Site Meeting: Thursday, March 23, at 10:00 AM (RSVP required)
• Bids Due: Friday, April 7, 2023 at 2:00 PM
• Anticipated Notice of Intent to Award: Tuesday, April 11, 2023
• City Council Contract Authorization: Monday, April 17, 2023 at 7:00 PM
• Desired Final Completion: June 30, 2023
Contract Documents, including plans and specifications, may be examined from for free and
downloaded. A fee is required for hard copies, which is not refundable. Return of the documents is not
required. Bids shall only be considered valid if Bidder is included on the official Plan Holder List. Only
the download or purchase of the Contract Documents, plans, and specifications from Willamette Print
& Blueprint will place the Bidder on the official Plan Holder List. The City reserves the right to make
changes to the Invitation to Bid and the resulting contract via written addenda, prior to the bid
submission deadline. The City will not mail notice of addenda but shall publish notice of any addenda on
the City’s website (, at City Hall, and in the WPB virtual planroom.
Check the City website frequently until the bid submission deadline as the City may, in its discretion,
provide additional notices.